August 2004

Mallory works with tangrams during math time.

She asked me to take her picture here...


Mallory can count to 50!  Here's how we practice.
We also use the calendar to show the weather...
you can see it was sunny on the 17th and Cloudy on the 18th.


         dress up time!           And here's what happens when you don't
                                        play with one thing at a time...
(This was a "special" day... we cleaned it up and now it's back to normal)


Mallory's ABCs                                                         That's better!

Notes from Mommy:

We started back on our homeschool preschool this week since the public school kids are back to school in Angleton.

Mallory's doing great.  She knows all her letters & most of their sounds.  We're beginning to work on reading & she's actually sounded out a few words (am, mat, me).   We're using Sonlight's preschool curriculum and are adding in some Math (Singapore Math, for those of you who are interested), Handwriting (which we haven't started yet), and Reading.  (We're using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  We read a lot and try to incorporate learning into everything we do... which of course isn't hard.  Mallory's so inquisitive & just soaks it all up like a sponge.

Yesterday, I told her as we were watching an imaginary movie that I had already seen this one.  She corrected me by saying, "No Mommy, you haven't seen this one, you just saw one that was similar, but not this one."  Kevin and I were trying not to crack up.