Mallory's Flower Girl Adventures

March 2003

Mallory at the Bridal Brunch with Sally,
her new favorite person.

Practice, Schmactice...
Let's get this show on the road so I can go eat!

Chowing down on chicken nuggets &
Sprite while Nana plays hairdresser

Sitting still... those bobby pins are pretty sticky!
And Yes, those are REAL flowers!

Mallory admiring herself. 
When she saw Sally putting her dress on, she said,
"She's so beautiful... just like me!"


Mommy's sweet angel.

Keeping the boys in line.  These two were Sally's nephews & were the ring bearers.
Mallory got 3/4 of the way down the isle during
the wedding and ran out of flower petals. 
She turned around, as if she had to go back,
and was very concerned that she'd ran out. 
She caused quite the excitement. 
We finally managed to convince her to go on anyway. 
Everyone was amused.

Oh what fun it is to twirl in a pretty dress!

Mallory with Uncle Kevin, the groom

Mallory with Aunt Karen

Karen & Danny
And oh yeah... the other stars of the show.  Sally & Kevin Timaeus.

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