The Odom Family Vacation ~ May 2005


Well, we started our vacation not knowing where we were headed.  We spent the night in Austin, then headed a little ways to a Marriot resort about an hour away.
We weren't too impressed, so we headed to another resort, the Hyatt Hill Country resort & spa in San Antonio.  ( 
We loved it there & will definitely go back!

Bathing beauties @ the Horseshoe Bay Marriot Resort

Mallory LOVES the water!















Like Father, Like Daughter.

The food at the Marriott resort was awesome.
Here Kevin and Lila chow down on some ribs.

Lila worn out after an afternoon at the children's pool at the Hyatt.

Mallory was allowed to splash as long as other children weren't in the pool.

Striking a pose...

And another...

Kevin and Mallory get ready to go tubing on the "river"
which circles the 4 acres of pools at the resort.

Mallory found a friend ~ whom she carried around for about an hour or so.