Our Trip to San Antonio

Sept. 17th - 20th


The Gang ~ Ben, Karyna & Natalie Odom, Kevin, Mallory & Lila Odom (with Laura taking the picture)

The Odoms on the touristy boat ride.

Daddy's little Senoritas

Mommy & Mallory on Mallory's first roller coaster ride.

The dolphin pool...
They were being quite playful &
were splashing the guests.

Lila was not fond of the splashing.

Mallory & the dolphin

Lila thinks of a plan to get out of the Shamu show and into the Air Conditioning...
"I think I'll fill my diaper!"  Yep, that'll do it.

Karyna & Natalie watch the whales.

Stars of the Show

Lila gets ready to hit the pool... which she did NOT like.


Mallory on the Riverwalk


And a couple of pictures Mallory took with her own camera...

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