Happy Fourth!


Mallory and Lila prepare for a day of family & fun.


Our Cutie Pies

Sweet Hugs

Mallory's getting so big!

  We actually started the day off at Nana & Papa's house, but I forgot to get out the camera.  We had a hamburger/hot dog cookout & homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert ~ Mallory's favorite!

After hanging out at my parents for most of the afternoon, we headed over to the Odoms.  Mallory and Kevin had purchased some fireworks, so they got a chance to play with them before we headed to Lake Jackson to see the fireworks display there.


Kevin shows Mallory what a sparkler does.

Mallory ~ a bit hesitant to do the sparkler thing.

There she goes!

Lila thinks daddy is making too much noise.

Mallory agrees with her!

One last one before we hit the road.

It's late & Lila's not in the mood
for these loud popping sounds...

Hey look ~ those popping noises come with lights!

Mallory & Lita enjoy the fireworks.

Various Firework Pictures:

Laura getting artsy with the camera...



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